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About Us

The educational agency TOGETHER is a branch of the Polish language school TOGETHER, which has 11 years of experience in teaching of Polish and English for foreigners.

Because of the growing demand for higher education in Poland, the management of the school decided to open a separate unit dealing directly with requests for Polish university admission. This is how the educational agency TOGETHER was born. Let's get acquainted!

TOGETHER cooperates with 50 leading universities in Poland and regularly participates in educational exhibitions abroad so that potential students can get to know us personally and get more info about education in Poland. For the short time of its existence, we have already managed to visit Iran, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

What do we offer:

- full range of services for education in Poland;
- selection of educational institution and training program;
- registration and submission of the documents required for admission;
- negotiating with the selected university and solving emerging issues;
- obtaining documents on admission to the school;
- visa support (preparation of the documents, registration in the embassy, filling out a form);
- reservation of accommodation;
- curator services during study;
- preparation of the documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Poland on the basis of study;
- free attendance of language school events (excursions and a weekly speaking club about current topics in Poland).
The great advantage of working with us is our rich experience in teaching foreign languages. In most Polish universities, education is possible in both Polish and English. If you do not speak any of these languages, but want to study in Poland, do not despair. Become a student of our language school first, and during learning the language, select the appropriate university and specialty. "All inclusive" service for our clients!
In the educational agency operation, the TOGETHER brand did not abandon one of its main principles – an individual approach. We understand that education is a difficult choice and a serious life decision, so our specialists will be by your side from the moment you submit your application until your first lecture. We don't leave students alone with domestic issues. Your curator will help you find accommodation, familiarize you with the infrastructure and transportation system of the selected city, and help you open a bank account. We strive to make the adaptation of our students in a new country as quick and comfortable as possible.

Educational agency TOGETHER – we are always there for you!
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