Higher education and academic degrees in Poland

Higher education in Poland, as well as in most countries of the world, is distinguished by the terms of studies, the requirements for students and the academic degree obtained after the graduation. Main levels of higher education in Poland:

1. Universities of the first level – obtaining a specific specialty and Bachelor's degree. Duration: 6-7 semesters. Requirements for students: completed secondary education and the maturity certificate exam.

2. Universities of the second level – the next stage of higher education, which follows the previous one and ends up with a Master's degree. Duration: 3-4 semesters.
Requirements for students: completed studies in the university of the first level.

3. Full Master's degree – in fact, attending the universities of the second level, but for certain specialties (jurisprudence, psychology, medicine).
Differs from the previous level in study duration (9-12 semesters).

After obtaining a Bachelor's or Master's degree, a student can start his work career or continue the education.

4. Higher education institutions of the third level or postgraduate school. More in-depth and thorough study of a particular specialty, which is chosen by students who plan to

- for good results in the educational process;
- for sport achievements;
- social benefits, etc.

There is a chance for free education in the universities that have received grants from the European Union.

Higher education is a very important and serious step in everybody's life. If you decide to study in Poland – rely on professionals. The educational agency TOGETHER will help you make this serious step in the right direction.

be involved in scientific research in the future. It allows them to obtain advanced knowledge in a particular field or scientific discipline. The logical result of this stage is the defense of the PhD thesis and obtaining a degree.

5. Postgraduate studies are short studies (2-4 semesters) for those who want to improve their professional knowledge and skills to put them into practice. The student receives corresponding certificate in the end.

Any of the described types of higher education in Poland is available to both citizens and foreigners, if they meet the necessary requirements.

Studying at Polish Universities and the cost of higher education in Poland.

The academic year in Poland consists of two semesters: autumn-winter and spring-summer. A great advantage for foreigners is the possibility to study not only in Polish, but also in English. In the second case, the price will be slightly higher.
If we talk about the financial aspect the education in Poland is quite affordable. Average price range:

- study in a private university – from 800 euros per year;
- study at a state university – from 1,500 euros per year;
- study for foreigners on a competitive basis at a state university – free.

The average cost of education in Polish universities in English:
- the semester fee for English language programs is 700–900 euros.
- the cost of the semester in English is 1 600–2 000 euros.

In special cases, the university chancellor may, at the request of the student, reduce the tuition fee or postpone it for some time.

Scholarships in Poland.

Almost every university in Poland has its own scholarship program. These can be monthly payments of a different

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