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Poland offers a wide range of educational institutions for future students, each has the opportunity to choose their own Alma Mater from more than 450 universities, both private and public. This diversity causes a very high level of competition between universities and leads to a competitive pricing policy (prices for a year of study start from 800 euros) and high quality teaching.

Most Polish universities also offer programs in English in such specialties as medicine, engineering, humanities or natural sciences. Also, Polish universities offer the possibility of obtaining a double diploma, which means that during one academic cycle a student will be able to receive diplomas from 2 different universities (for example, Polish and British). Some Polish universities provide students with the opportunity to study and participate in paid internships — a dual program. During the dual program, in all semesters of education, except the first one, the semester is divided into two parts: studying for 2 months and paid practice for 3 months.
Poland, like all EU countries, is actively involved in the Bologna education system.
The system divides learning into 3 steps:
- Bachelor - 3 years;
- Master - 2 years;
- Doctor- 3 years.

When studying in technical specialties, instead of a bachelor's degree at the first level, students receive an engineering degree, the duration of study is 4 years instead of 3. After obtaining engineer or bachelor's degree students can continue their studies at the master's degree - 2 years, and then doctoral studies - 3 years.

Poland is a member of the European Union, which allows Polish students to participate in different exchange programs to other EU countries, because points transfer and accumulation system for all the participants of the Bologna system is the same. It also means that students from different countries can to come to Poland.
Currently, there are 43,000 students who came to study in Poland, and 70,000 Polish students studying abroad. Polish universities also receive additional funding from the European Union, thanks to grants, universities can offer free tuition or low fees to the students.
Due to low prices of education, its quality, opportunities to study in English and other factors, Poland is becoming more and more popular among foreign students.

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