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How to study in Poland and which university to choose
For most of us, entering a university is a serious step that seriously determines the future. In addition to preparing for exams, you need to decide on the choice of the university and the branch you want to connect your life with. Even more questions may arise for those who decide to study abroad: another country, unfamiliar universities, formalities with a visa and documents. But do not despair! If you are planning to get a higher education in Poland – welcome to TOGETHER!

How to enter the Polish university?

If you decide to enter a university in Poland, the managers of the educational agency TOGETHER will be happy to help you with this. Even if you have not yet decided on a particular specialty, you can fill out an application online on our page and send it to us. Our staff will contact you, tell you about the benefits of various educational institutions and help you choose the university and specialty that suits you.

The most important step has been taken. What's next?
Enter the Polish university
The admission procedure to a university in Poland.

After choosing a university and signing a contract, you receive from us a list of documents required for admission. When everything is ready, we send the entire package to the educational institution and waiting for the response. In case of a positive decision, we send you all the papers required for obtaining a Polish visa. As you can see, everything is very simple, but our cooperation doesn't end here. Your curator will meet you in Poland, introduce you to the university and the city, help with settling in a dormitory and solving everyday problems.

Education in Poland with the agency TOGETHER is not so difficult, because we go through this whole way TOGETHER.

You choose one of the admission sevice packages and submit an application. We contact you or meet at the office for personal consultation and for signing a cooperation agreement.
Applycation and signing a contract
Consultation and career guidance
We help you find a place of study, university and specialty. And we offer Polish or English courses, if your knowledge is not enough to study at the university.
Paper work and Visa support
Registration and preparation of the documents required for admission to universities in Poland, registration for the course and submission of documents to the appropriate university.
Student meeting in Poland
The curator provides a comfortable arrival in a new city, acquaintance with the university, hostel, infrastructure and transport system of the selected city, opening a bank account.

Stages of work


Admission process with Together

Partner universities
1 538
Students from all over the world have already joined our program
The annual number of applicants of TOGETHER university program
Partner universities
1 538
Students from all over the world have already joined our program
The annual number of applicants of TOGETHER university program
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