Why Poland

The advantages of education and life in Poland
Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, which has a rich history and distinctive culture. Today, more and more people choose it as a place of education and future life. Of course, the choice of each person is individual, but it is still possible to specify the main reasons that encourage future students to enroll in Polish universities.

The country's economic growth rate is ahead of the average for Europe, which leads to the creation of new jobs and the need for skilled labor. Studying in Poland means looking confidently into the future, because graduates of Polish universities are more likely to be able to find a well-paid job in their field.

Standard of living
This factor follows the previous one. The development of the economy entails a rise in wages and an increase in the welfare of the population, so you can be sure that your education in Poland will pay off very quickly.
Education and life in Poland
The cost of education and life in Poland
In terms of the level of economic development Poland is rapidly approaching the leading countries of the European Union, but expenses on life and education in Poland remains at a fairly acceptable level, which is good news for applicants.

European education
If you decide to enroll in a Polish university, you can be sure that the cherished diploma will be recognized in other countries of Europe and the world. This is a very nice option for those to whom Poland seems too small, and who want to try their luck at another place of the planet.

Admission procedure
Getting to Poland is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, especially with the help of educational agency TOGETHER. A small list of documents, studyies in Polish or English, the possibility of obtaining scholarships, compelling reasons for obtaining a visa and temporary residence permit.
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